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The Current Theme
1. I (One)

2.Life Incarnate II

3.Light Factory


5.Magic Mirror



8.A is A

9.The Heikle

10. Overture (Illuminator)

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Love Death Sex Birth Drugs

You are the architecht of this religion. With the power of WILL, focused on the truest goals of many, the threads of synchronicity will coalesce around you, manifesting serendipity.
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MH interviewed 1. S. Boyd Hetherington of the Don't Care Bears

Part 2: What is Wrong and Right With the World? (6:00)

Download Mp3

For the rest of this interview, please visit motherhalo.com
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Was shopping for a clock radio at a thrift shop when I found this! Going to break it in with The Sundy Paper #10 this weekend! It's a Corona!
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Working on uploading and updating the new Motherhalo website; lots of new experience/download content and i/a (interactive) nodes and nodules!

New music videos and recordings on the way, as well as new publications and Sundy Papers to new stars...

Getting ready for Y2k12...
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The Agreement:

1. _______________________ will devote their life to the creation of art in any form, including but not limited to: music, creative writing, still and moving pictures, painting and drawing, dance, creative thinking, creative living and dream design.

2. Art will be created privately by _______________________ and in earnest over the first 15 years after the date of this agreement, without active promotion, advertisement or commercial support; art will simply be produced, ammassed and archived during the first one and one half decades following the date of this agreement.

3. After the fifteen years of private art production, _______________________ will begin to pursue a professional career as an artist, using the products of the initial period as a back catalog of work to assist in the promotion of current and future works.

4. In return, _____________________________________ will observe and interfere positively in the enterprise of _______________________, such to the extent that advantageous opportunities are made available to the artist. The artist will then compensate _____________________________________ by encrypting information into future art that will be delivered to the artist by way of mysterious encounters, vivid dreams, telepathy and any and all other non-traditional forms of communication.

5. _______________________ will never reveal the identity of, nor admit to any knowledge whatsoever of the existence of _____________________________________.

Signed, Jan 20, 1994

Current Mood: okay okay

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This Number Speaks First Edition Now Available
This Number Speaks
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I need an agent for Strato... I am thinking about this place:

Submission Information
In order to minimize our impact on the environment, we strongly encourage authors to query via email instead of snail mail (please start the subject line with "Query").  We read all of our email queries ourselves and respond very quickly when we are interested.  However, we usually do not respond when we are not interested - no response should be a clear enough indication.  We will only reply to snail mail queries if they include a SASE.
All fiction queries must include a brief author's bio, and the setup or premise for the book.  No unsolicited manuscripts will be accepted.  If we do request your manuscript, please send a disposable copy that we can recycle since new postal regulations make it difficult for us to return them.
We do not consider queries for screenplays, photo or childrens' books.  But we are interested in most genres of adult fiction and nonfiction.
If you want to query about nonfiction, it would be a good idea to read Larsen's "How to Write a Book Proposal" and Deval's "Publicize Your Book" to understand the market and mechanics for publishing nonfiction.
Good luck.
Adam Chromy adam@artistsandartisans.com direct dial number as of July 1, 2008 will be (212) 924 9615.
Jamie Brenner jamie@artistsandartisans.com direct dial number as of July 1, 2008 will be (212) 924 9619.
      Artists and Artisans Inc.
      244 Madison Avenue, Suite 334, New York, NY  10016
      Tel (212) 924 9619
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